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Friday June 7th, 2013: 8 miles
AM: 8 miles Nike Only a good workout was going to get me back to filling out my log.

6x800m in 2:58-3:03 w/2:00-2:30 rest.

Most volume I've done in a long while. Felt okay getting the work in despite the midway realization that Abby D did a very similar workout but with 1ks recently. That makes my head hurt.

Love working out on the forest track. Great environment. Jerry and his guys showed up. Although I've given up my coach inspired-awe, Jerry was real nice as we discussed terrible Midwest & east coast winters. His guys just made me laugh because they're just like track guys everywhere only way faster. Looked like Chris, German, Matt and Alan were doing mile repeats. Jerry's coaching style and advice to relax and not go too fast was fun to watch as I cooled down. Nice to have people on the track at the same time.

Cooled down with an outer wood chip trail.
Some right calf tightness, keeping an eye on it.
PM: 0 miles

Saturday April 13th, 2013: 4.77 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 4.77 miles Duni 1.65 warmup/ 1.12 cooldown

My distain for online running logs is never stronger than when I write an entry and it gets deleted before I push submit. Take two, with half as many details.

6x100 in 17 mid, 19 mid, 16 mid, 16 low, 14.7, 14.2 in race flats.

Yay, 14 done pretty easily.

1x550m in 1:32.49 w/400 in 63.9 & 500 in 1:22.7 spiked

Yay, 500m 6 sec faster than 2 weeks ago.
Yay, 400 fastest of the year.

3x300m w/ 90sec to 2 min rest.

Boo, the first one sucked.
Yay, the last two were better.

1x100 in 14. 38 spiked.


5x200m w/ 1min rest. 47, 42, 45, 45, 43.

Yay, easy and lactic flushing.

Great workout, yay.

Opening season 400 turned into an 800 which is now going to be a 1500m. Yay.

Friday April 12th, 2013: 3.52 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 3.52 miles Bridges Great run after feeling lousy mid week.

Thursday April 11th, 2013: 0 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 0 miles Recovery Day

Wednesday April 10th, 2013: 3 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 3 miles Duni Late night run with dynamic. Felt awful.

Tuesday April 9th, 2013: 6.5 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 6.5 miles Duni Warm up: 2.02 w/ dynamic

Popped knee during dynamic and was pretty sure I couldn't workout. Then my glute muscle wouldn't catch and I was pretty sure I couldn't workout. Then Bob told me I'm racing in 2 weeks and gosh golly it was a miracle and I made a 100% recovery and had a great workout.

6x100 were a bit junky given yesterdays Pace work.
17 high, 18 low, 17 high, 16 mid, 16 mid, 15.07

1x 800m in 3:01 at 5k pace
1x 600m in 2:12 at 3k pace, 86 through the 4
1x 500m in 1:39 at "1500m" pace, 78 through the 4

At this point I was uber confident that I was doing a 1500m pace effort. I even finished and was like "awww yeah that was great" and then I talked to Bob about it and it seemed pretty slow and I think I just didn't hit that harder gear. Also, thinking back if the 1500m pace actually felt that comfortable I'd be the greatest of all time at the event. Apparently I romanticized the absolute discomfort that is 1500m pace. So we tried it again, a little faster + increased oxygen debt.

1x 500m in 1:37 at "1500m" pace
1x 400m in 72 at "hunt down the 40/50 year old dudes in front of you" pace.

At this point I changed into different kind of runner and even Bob noticed it. I looked up to the guys in front of me working out and quite promptly went after then one by one. I didn't think time or form or splits, just get them now. An experience like this reinforces in my mind that the competitive spirt of running comes naturally to me to the degree that I change physically into a better, more efficient athlete. So being an awesome coach Bob found me more people to hunt down.

1x 300m in 49.0-
1x 300m in 50.--

Both were chasing down the same poor guy who was super nice to help me out. On the last one I had to go around him but I had a nice finish where I didn't tie up. Reminded me of '05 indoor when Doug would send Aislinn after us on a delay and we'd run terrified of being caught.

10 min shake out walk/run.

2x100m in 15.25/15 mid spiked up

Cool down: 1.35 felt great because I learned that we got a beach house for a week in July and I can't wait to get to the Shore.

Great workout, didn't expect it. Totally forgot to do my rust busting 4x200m at the end to clear out lactate so it'll be a good test to see if I feel worse tomorrow.


Monday April 8th, 2013: 3 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 3 miles Strength Sess/Duni Great strength session before my 3 mile run. Had some issues not activating my glutes over the weekend so I needed an intense session to wake up those muscles. Rehab plus bike plus full session at high effort worked and my run went much better. Derek and I had to laugh during the strength session bc we feel old as dirt around the college kids and high school specs. But sometimes dirt old runners have pretty good strength sessions.

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