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Wednesday October 31st, 2012: 5.5 miles
AM: 5.5 miles did about 5.5 this a.m. first a trail with smurfette then a half-a-trail with Frances. Finished the lat few minutes with Robocop. FElt good this morning. A little groggy waking up at 830 but I got plenty of sleep so its all good. Average heartrate was 126.
PM: 0 miles

Tuesday October 30th, 2012: 8 miles
AM: 8 miles Ran laps on track in fieldhouse, as well as back-n-forths of the hallway hill as well to do my best fake 8 mile run given the "hurricane" conditions that weren't that bad. Heartrate averaged 125. Felt real good on this run with Jack, Skippy, Ivo for a couple miles (he was going short this a.m., Dave for a couple (back bothered him)., and Smurfette.
PM: 0 miles

Monday October 29th, 2012: 8 miles
AM: 8 miles squeezed in an 8 miler. Did 6 miler with Dave, Hoff, and Ivo then Dave and I tacked on 2 miles on the trail. Did this just before 10am as the hurricane was arriving. Honestly I was unimpressed with this frankenstorm. Obviously, devestation elsewhere was dangerous and a tragedy, but we lucked out and really did have much of a storm to deal with. Just cold and rainy. Rain, hurricane, earliness, etc made this run occur at a bit higher rate. Averaged 137.
PM: 0 miles

Sunday October 28th, 2012: 5.5 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 5.5 miles Did a very easy 5.5 miles after seeing Chasing Mavericks with Dave. Great movie. Great life. Huge loss. Cant wait to go see movie again. Who wants in? Jack. Yep. Riccio? who else?...felt fine on this cold and rainy run. Heartrate was extra low, run was maybe extra slow...heartrate was 122.

Saturday October 27th, 2012: 6 miles
AM: 6 miles did 6 miles around the Haverford XC course while watching the Centennial Conference Championship meet there. Ran with Hoff. Excitement of watching the meet and cheering for the guys definitely gave a misleading boost to the heartrate as I was running that hard. Luckily I don't read too much into this heartrate stuff. I just record the numbers, let marcus draw the blood for lactate stuff and do what I am told. I know my zones but i don't fit the run to the zone on non-specific days, rather I just run the run and than afterwards classify it into its proper zone and if I find myself too often tired and that coincides with a lot of runs in upper end of zone 1 or in zone 2 then maybe there is a correlation and I can adjust but for the most part I just do the running and marcus does the thinking. (The exception of course is workouts when I am supposed to do the run/workout at a specific rate but those are specific days, not the non-specific days I was previously speaking of).
PM: 0 miles

Friday October 26th, 2012: 11.5 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 11.5 miles Below are my times and heartrates for a workout I did on the 800m bearfoot loop. The 1000s were about 1k, the 400s were exact, and the 200 is exact. And by exact I mean about right. Goal was 4x1k in heartrate of 167-169. Then 2x400 in the same range. Then a 200 also in range. Unfortunately things were a little helter-skelter as the course is split half uphill half downhill. Since the k's were a full lap+ there was no issue as things balanced out nicely and I had no trouble staying in heartrate zone; however, times were a bit off given the relocation of the hill on each interval, running into a swarm of bees, and such. Rest ended up being more time than I needed to drop the heartrate down but I had no choice on the time because I needed to get to an even spot to start so I could measure the distance somewhat accurately. 400s: one was uphill, one was downhill. What more needs to be said. 200 was slightly down hill. On a track the heartrates I was running equate to 3:21 threshold 1000s, 66 400s, and 32 200s. So I was alright on time, but time doesnt matter on this one. The grass, the hill, the rough measuring. It was a good, early indoors, relaxed solo workout.
26:46 - 140 warmup
323 - 167 1000
142 - 151 rest
330 - 166 1000
131 - 153 rest
325 - 167 1000
133 - 154 rest
328 - 165 1000
133 - 153 rest
112 - 170 400 uphill
058 - 158 rest
067 - 164 400 downhill
110 - 160 rest
031 - 158 200 slight downhill
135 - 154 rest
23:43 - 139 cooldown

warmup+cooldown 7. workout 4.5.


Thursday October 25th, 2012: 9.75 miles
AM: 4.25 miles trail with smurfette. tom called me soft when he saw me. i am...heartrate 130. AFter morning run I met with the sprinters and 4-8 guys to do drills and tire pulls on field. first did 40 minutes of drills and hurdles andstride things. then did 4x40yd tire pull with two medium tires attached via butterfly shoulder harness.
PM: 5.5 miles Did a rate 2 run today which is a new element that has not been a regular part of training up til now. a new thing marcus and shannon came up with. in a way fitz and i are guinee pigs for a heartrate/lactate training experiment. excited to be a part of the cutting edge of that type of training which is way better than "altitude/epo/doping/supplement" methods of salazaar. I hate salazaar. dirty piece of trash, lowering americans and mo farah to the same dirty level as Morocco, and the ignorant kenyons being trained by italians...anyway ten minutes at rate 1 then 30 minutes at rate 2. Had trouble getting my heartrate up this afternoon. was under 120 for a while then finally entered rate 2 zone about halfway through the 30 minute phase. was about 5 under rate 2 during the first 15 minutes of the 30 minute section.

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