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Saturday April 9th, 2011: 11 miles
AM: 4.5 miles shakeouts 1.5 in the AM
3 in the PM
PM: 6.5 miles TCNJ 8 and 4x4 3 mile warmup
800 race: 1:54.3 (57.0, 57.3)
1 mile cooldown

1.5 warmup
400 race: 51.4 split
1 mile cooldown

800: As usual the meet went way ahead and after we got back from the warmup there was only 15 minutes or less till the race. I didn't have time to do many of my usual warmup routine and basically just did strides. This left me more tight than I would usually be for a race. The race itself went out pretty slowly, the vassar guy lead through 500 then I took over. I really never opened up a gap. On the last 100 I had to work hard to hold people off and really felt tight. Nice to win a race even though the time wasn't too fast. I think I benefited from just getting in there and relaxing. In a lot of my bad races I ended up tensing up too much and wasting a lot of energy. I think that was some of what happened last weekend. I think if the race had gone out faster I could've maybe tied my pr or ran a second faster.

400: Was kind of nervous for this. I haven't run a 400 since indoor conferences last year. I really just wanted to have people to chase. Unluckily I got the baton with one guy 20 meters ahead of me and a pack behind me. I comfortably held off the pack behind me and made up some ground on the guy ahead of me. Didn't have enough to catch him but probably could've gotten closer if I worked a bit harder. I hope I get to run another 4x4 or 2 this season.

Friday April 8th, 2011: 6 miles
AM: 3 miles Trail + Jiggy rejected me as a running partner.
PM: 3 miles Fieldhouse Ran with a couple groups of guys since I was late to practice since I got a flat tire while going to get a haircut. Felt fine, neither good nor bad. Did some drills and strides, foam rolled and stretched.

Thursday April 7th, 2011: 9.5 miles
AM: 3 miles trail +
PM: 6.5 miles Trails Fun run. On our 2nd trail I decided to pick up dorothea and carry her over my shoulder for a while. I executed my plan to perfection and it made the run a lot of fun. Did 4 strides, basically raced the first 2 and then practiced 3 handoffs. Foam rolled, stretch icebath.

Wednesday April 6th, 2011: 10.5 miles
AM: 3 miles trail +
PM: 7.5 miles 9x200 2+ warmup
9x200 in 29 with equal rest
2.5 warmdown

Ran this one with Golato, Mike and Rich for all of it and Gkrause and Alec for some. This workout felt really easy and I sort of just wanted to get it over with once we started. I guess this type of effort isn't supposed to be that challenging at this point just meant to develop some strength at speed. My hamstrings did not feel very good today. Foam rolled and bit and stretched. Had to do all this stuff quickly because I had to get to a film viewing for class.

Tuesday April 5th, 2011: 9.5 miles
AM: 3 miles trail +
PM: 6.5 miles Scary woods Ran with Mike and Golato. Kept the run pretty short because we had a touch workout yesterday and another tomorrow. Felt terrible today. My legs were sore and tight and I just felt exhausted. Allergies may be starting. Foam rolled and stretched.

Monday April 4th, 2011: 7 miles
AM: 0 miles off Stressful day yesterday. Didn't get as much work done as I would've liked so I stayed up a bit later and slept in.
PM: 7 miles Karl's favorite 2 mile warmup
3x [800 w/250 jog, 150 with 400 jog]
2:11, 20.x, 2:12.x, 21.x, 2:09, 20.x
2.5 warmdown

Ran this one with Golato and Riccio. Did not expect this workout to be so challenging. The first 8 felt easy as did the 1st 150. But after that every repeat was incredibly challenging. It felt like almost a race effort on the last 800. Luckily the last 150 wasn't too bad. I expected something like this to feel easier. I guess the rest is a lot shorter than I envisioned and the 150 takes a lot out of your legs. Also, I think part of the reason this workout was so difficult was because I was really hungry today. The dc food was terrible this afternoon so I didn't eat nearly as much as I usually do. I guess I just need to suck it up sometimes since eating enough is important. Foam rolled, stretched icebath.

Sunday April 3rd, 2011: 10 miles
AM: 4.5 miles Trails Ran into mumbles just as I started my run. Did 2 trails with him. Felt alright. A bit stiff.
PM: 5.5 miles Trails + Ran with Lucas and Golato. It was nice to blow off a little steam. We pounded most of this run and we each blamed the pounding on someone else. Did a little core than rehab exercises, foam rolled and stretched.

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